Announcing Letterpress Prints!

“I Will Build”
A new letterpress piece by Kim Vanderheiden, from Painted Tongue Press
I Will Build (letterpress version)
This is a “letterpress-only” version of an earlier mixed media piece that is being offered to everyone at a democratic, non-art-world price. Would you like one?
You can claim one by emailing us or visiting us at Roadworks this weekend   ($30, Visa/Mastercard accepted)  Dimensions are 8×8″ on 14×11″ paper for easy framing.From the artist: “This is a piece about aspirations, both childhood and adult. It’s my reflection on the creative force in each of us, where we, through will and determination, build what is important in each of our lives, be it a nurturing home, a career, a campaign, a coalition, an opus, or a tower of blocks. It is also about the visionaries among us, who are bent on building the improbable and the impossible, but who somehow, occasionally, succeed.”

One of the mixed media versions of this print will be in the new book, California Society of Printmakers: 100 Years, 1913-2013, edited by Maryly Snow, published by California Society of Printmakers, coming out in October 2013. We will share links and more information about the upcoming publication later this year.
You can view more work by Kim Vanderheiden at

I Will Build (mixed media extended version)

“I Will Build” (extended mixed media version) Linoleum print, monotype and letterpress on paper. 13.5×22″ price available upon request.

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