Faster, Faster, Time is Money!

A business seems like another life form sometimes. Indeed our corporations have their own legal rights and corporate personae. My experiences as owner of a sole proprietorship tell me that my (very) small  business, too, has it’s own sense of being that’s apart from me. Feeding and raising it is another form of motherhood.

This piece, Time is Money, explores the tension between two limited resources when running a small business. The business needs both to grow. It must be fed. The clock is ticking. If it’s fed enough, it will turn time into money, more money than it needs. If it isn’t fed enough, it will eat time and money both, until it dies. Which will it be?

… tic toc tic toc tic toc tic toc …

Time is Money Gatekeeper

Time is Money: detail of clock

Time is Money

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