What Will I Give?

What Have I Given?

This is a small work I’ve been working on recently – the dimensions are only 7×5″. The text reads:

What will I give? I will build. If you don’t quit, you haven’t failed. Insanity is repeating the same action and expecting a different result. Ashes ashes ashes ashes, try again, try again, try again, try again, try again, try again . . . Hurry up please it’s time! ashes ashes ashes . . . I WILL! i am. we all fall down. What have I given? I AM.

With three young children, there tends to be a lot of noise in my daily environment. A lot of voices, chatter, singing, laughter, requests, demands, sparring, farting noises, shooting noises. Noise presses in on all sides. It can get hard to think, and without your own thoughts, who are you anyway?

Does determination (I WILL) or self determination, (I AM) make a difference? What of my self will I give in this lifetime? How? and When?

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