The Right to Remain Human to Open at Dominican University

Detail from “Lady Justice” (2015)
Kim Vanderheiden, detail from “Lady Justice” (2015) 70×100 inches, acrylic, letterpress, pen & ink, solar etching, pencil, watercolor on torn paper collage

Dates are now firm at Dominican University’s San Marco Gallery – “Kim Vanderheiden: The Right to Remain Human” showing from January 17th – March 18th, 2017. The opening reception is on Thursday January 26th, 4-6 pm, in the San Rafael, California. The San Marco Gallery is located on campus at the main entry of the Alemany Library building.

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Kim Vanderheiden, “Black : White : Truth” (2015)
Kim Vanderheiden, “Black : White : Truth” (2015) 18×18 inches, letterpress, acrylic, pen & ink, torn paper collage.
Kim Vanderheiden, “Truth” (2015)
Kim Vanderheiden, “Truth” (2015) 18×18 inches, Letterpress, pen & ink, torn paper collage.





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