Greeting Cards by Painted Tongue Press

Painted Tongue Press Greeting Cards

I chose the name Painted Tongue Press for my letterpress studio because it reflected both the image and the written word and at the time I wasn’t sure if I was more of a visual artist or a writer. Painted Tongue is also the name of a flower, which resonated as well, because I enjoy gardening.

In time, a botanical greeting card line produced under the name of Painted Tongue Press developed at the studio. The cards feature my pen & ink drawings of plants and animals, and can be found in at various retail locations in the country, especially independent bookstores, florists, and stationers. This work can be viewed on the Painted Tongue Press website. It can be purchased on the Painted Tongue Studios Etsy page.

Original pen & Ink drawings used to create the greeting cards are also available. There are hundreds to choose from. The drawings were used like building blocks for the card designs, and are in a sketchbook format that is different from how they are laid out on the cards. To select a drawing, please make an appointment, and allow me to share the sketchbooks with you either in person or over zoom.

As a letterpress printer, my press name is more than a business name. It represents my identity as a letterpress artist. As such, it can refer to more than the greeting card line including: Right to Remain Human cards, Diameter of the Bomb broadsides, Home posters, and anything else I choose to create with my presses. I sometimes also use it for projects where I create multiples that are not letterpress (such as other forms of fine art printmaking), or use commercial printing methods (such as when I mass-produce word painting postcards or stickers). It is also the name I call my printing studio.